Cover for high-pressure hoses

The protective for the high-pressure hoses prevents damages caused by impact and friction. It is used for high- pressure hoses, pneumatic hoses, other pipelines, various cable systems. With the help of plastic spirals it is recommended to assemble the hose and cable systems into bundles that increase ergonomics and safety of equipment operation.

The use of protection for the high-pressure hoses significantly simplifies the design of new equipment and machines. Protective spirals of yellow color significantly improve the visibility of hoses, prevent dangerous situations of hoses damage and reduce the risk of injury from equipment.

Types of protection for the high-pressure hoses

We offer several types of plastic and textile protection for hoses, which can be used in various industries: forestry, agriculture, coal and road construction, and where safety and security are important.

  • Plastic protection for the high-pressure hoses
  • Fireproof protection
  • Protection for the high-pressure hoses for use in mines
  • Plastic protection for wires and cables
  • Textile protection
  • Strip tape for hoses arrangement
  • Protection from steel spiral
  • Tool for mounting protection on the hose

In our company you can always buy protection for the high-pressure hoses of different types and sizes.

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