High qualification

For the year 2016 the company eurogidroservice llp took the 5th place (gold) in the top-100 among the importers of the republic of kazakhstan in terms of the volume of operations in the product group "rubber, rubber and products made of them."

And also the company took gold in top-100 among importers of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of "Volume of operations" in the product group “Products from ferrous metals”. Fittings for tubes or pipes (for example, pipe joints, elbows, pipe connections) of ferrous metals".

Such awards show the quality and reliability of our company's products. “Eurohydroservice” LLC does not stand still, strives to develop and improve its activities, taking into account the wishes of customers.

“Eurohydroservice” LLC is the leading company in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of hydraulics. Since the beginning of the foundation, the company aims to move forward, expanding the range of products, increasing the warehouse and production capacity. We do not stand still, we improve every year! Today, we are the official representative of more than 15 European manufacturers. Our specialists take annual training and advanced training from our foreign partners. Therefore, we claim with certainty, that if you choose us, you choose high qualification and top-level service!

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