“Eurohydroservice” LLC, in close cooperation with Kazakhstan and foreign partners, constantly opens new horizons, introducing new ideas and innovations to the Kazakhstan market. The fifth award “Leader of the Year-2017” became a confirmation of Company’s impeccable image and its significant contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan.

“Eurohydroservice” LLC constantly, for five years, receives high recognition, entering the TOP-30 of the best, according to the Kazakhstan rating “Wholesale of rubber products.”  “Eurohydroservice” LLC was awarded in the nomination “Leader of the industry” in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Adhering to stability in everything, the company's team is based on the basis: “Qualitative, reliable, on time”. However, in the succession of recognized achievements, every single award from year to year stands more.

Ivan Prelatov, Director of “Eurohydroservice” LLC said:

“We can not  say that the 2017 was easy for us, there were fluctuations in the market of currencies, and a lot of questions demanding one-step solution ... We worked hard on our development, and the award became one of the pleasant results of our collective work. A team benchmark for success is important. Then the bar is clearer, to which you are equal, and it is easier to achieve what you want.

During the year, the company achieved such indicators, which may become the basis for the future new nomination “Importer of the Year”. In the company “Eurohydroservice” there was a significant increase in imports and customer base. In comparison with 2016, where the minimum number of partners (suppliers) totaled just over 10, in 2017 it increased by 2 times, and this is about 20 firms and even more brands.

The company's warehouse stocks and supplies have increased significantly, increasing the range of products by 50% and. There are more than 500,000 meters of high-pressure hoses and over 25,000 names of fittings, adapters and other hydraulic components! Without exaggeration: the company that knows all about hydraulics has the largest warehouse of high-pressure hoses and its components in the whole country! Constantly expanding the range of products, “Eurohydroservice” LLC is steadily approaching to the leadership in the Kazakhstan market, opening new warehouses and significantly expanding the “geography” of deliveries.


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