The year 2017 was completed for “Eurohydroservice” LLC as one of the most significant events. The company received an invitation to the annual VII Forum of producers and suppliers of Kazakhstani Products “We create a Kazakhstani”.

The project on support and development of domestic producers in all Kazakhstan regions, for 7 years has gained the status of a nationwide dialogue platform for international and domestic suppliers to discuss products, deliveries, introduction of new technologies and other types of cooperation.

Among partners of large industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan, “Eurohydroservice” LLC has established itself as one of the leading, rapidly developing enterprises. One of the confirmations to this was the company's participation in the annual Forum. “Eurohydroservice” LLC who knows all about hydraulics, with the subsidiary company “SP JET” LLP entered in the number with more than 600 delegates. Representatives and partners of about 100 large and medium-sized companies of the mining and metallurgical industry, Kazakhstan manufacturer, small and medium business entities, and representatives of central and local executive state bodies, gathered at one place. In the new format, the participants of the large-scale event were able to discuss important issues of cooperation, and had the opportunity to present new solutions and projects “in a live dialogue”. The same was devoted to the traditional exhibition of domestic enterprises and suppliers of Kazakhstan products, where “Eurohydroservice” LLC performed for the first time. The event allowed us to meet directly with partners, strengthen and expand partnerships, conduct negotiations, present products and establish new contacts. Interacting with the majority of foreign partners remotely, the possibility of a personal meeting during the Forum particularly impresses the policy of “Eurohydroservice” LLC: attention and individual approach to each client! Do not spend the gradations on: a new one-old one, retail buyer or wholesaler. The exhibition is also useful for the client, who personally can evaluate the work of the company as a whole, get acquainted with the sphere of its activity, studying all the directions and to know about the possibilities.

“There were many useful answers to important questions, the Forum “Creating a Kazakhstani” is an important and necessary project for small and medium-sized businesses,” comments Alexandra Zemlyak, head of supply and logistics department of “Eurohydroservice” LLC.  It helps to improve work in many spheres: procurements, plans for the near future and long-term prospects for further partnership development…Vital dialogue, direct meeting the possibility of which we had thanks to the exhibition are of great importance. The opportunity not only to declare about itself, but also get knowledge and experience, should be a priority for those who strive for continuous development.”

In this direction “Eurohydroservice” LLC moves forward without changing its principles. Over the past 2017 year, the company visited 9 similar events at the national and international levels, and participated itself in 3 of them.


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