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PVC Industrial hoses

“Eurohydroservice” LLC offers to customers PVC hoses from leading European manufacturers. PVC hoses have found wide application in the field of pumping, suction and bottling of beverages (including alcoholic beverages), water, grain, sawdust, gases, fermented milk products. In addition, the PVC food hose is used for pumping of vegetable fats and mincemeat. The site of our company presents a wide range of food and industrial PVC hoses for the following purposes:

  • for bottling alcoholic beverages
  • for milk trucks
  • for fat-containing products
  • for ventilation
  • for woodworking
  • for water pumping
  • for gas applications

The production of PVC hoses for foodstuffs requires increased safety requirements. As the material of manufacture, polyvinyl chloride is used, which meets all sanitary standards.

The composition of food hoses includes environmentally components without harmful impurities. To make the product hard, it is reinforced with a spiral made of stainless steel or plastic, which also protects against mechanical damage.

Features & Benefits

The main advantages of PVC hoses are the following:

  • high service life. Manufacturers use the high-quality materials that make the product durable.
  • flexibility. Features of the material protect the hose from abrasion, giving it the necessary elasticity. The product does not crack during the operation
  • resistance to high alkali products
  • resistance to temperature influence
  • save their diameter
  • smooth inner surface
  • a small weight for easy usage
  • the material is inert to odors and does not affect the taste of the pumped products
  • absence of toxic substances. The feature of PVC is that they are chemically neutral to the transported liquid.

Due to this quality the product is indispensable at certain stages of food production.

Such hoses are actively used by vine producers for the transfer of products into various tanks. Strength characteristics of the material and sufficient wall thickness are able to withstand high pumping pressures. Upon completion of production operations, the hose is easy to clean with cold water, pumped by a special pump. Flushing with hot water is not recommended.

PVC pressure hoses are the main element of production equipment in dairies. Excellent performance characteristics of the material can preserve the taste of milk and do not affect its color.

You can buy PVC hoses in Kazakhstan and Russia.

To meet the needs of each customer, we tried to take into account all the requirements when forming the range of PVC industrial hoses. Experienced managers and technical specialists are always ready to help in the selection of goods, taking into account the wishes, specific tasks and operating conditions.

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